Paramount+'ta Kasım ayında izlemeniz gereken 3 küçümsenen film - Dünyadan Güncel Teknoloji Haberleri

Paramount+'ta Kasım ayında izlemeniz gereken 3 küçümsenen film - Dünyadan Güncel Teknoloji Haberleri
” Inman (Jude Law) and Ada Monroe (Nicole Kidman) But in Willie’s line of work, feelings of charity and goodwill may just get him killed Their courtship is interrupted by the war between the North and the South, and William enlists with the Confederacy Neville (Kenneth Branagh) tries to force the girls to acclimate to their new surroundings, but they refuse

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Meanwhile, a friend of the family, Ruby Thewes (Renée Zellweger), helps Ada keep her farm going Seçeneklerimiz arasında bir kara komedi Noel klasiği, destansı bir romantizm ve gerçek bir hikayeye dayanan bir aileyi yeniden bir araya getirmeye yönelik yürek parçalayıcı bir yolculuk yer alıyor But after facing his mortality on the battlefield, and receiving heartfelt letters from Ada, William decides to desert and return to his true love P

Kasım ayı için Paramount+’ta yeni olan neredeyse her şey Pazartesi günü film severlerin beğenisine sunuldu Instead, the girls run away and use Australia’s famous “rabbit-proof fence” as a guide to find their home, which is over 1,000 miles away Every year, Willie and his partner, Marcus Skidmore (Tony Cox), get hired as Santa and an elf at shopping malls only to use their newfound access to rob their employers O Billy Bob Thornton’s Willie T

Willie’s one redeeming factor is that he genuinely cares about Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly), a young boy who believes that he really is Santa Claus

Kötü Noel Baba (2003) Miramax Filmleri[

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Bad Santa, and this is one movie that really lives up to its title Ve gerçekten harika filmlerin çoğunu Showtime ile Paramount+’ın daha yüksek kademelerine verme eğilimini sürdürüyor

Bu bizim için pek uygun değil, bu nedenle Paramount+’ta Kasım ayında izlemeniz gereken üç film için seçimlerimizi derlerken, tüm seviyelerde mevcut olan filmleri seçtiğimizden emin olduk For decades, Australia had a policy that took Aboriginal children away from their parents

Cold Mountain (2003)

2023 is also the 20th anniversary of Cold Mountain, a Civil War-era epic romance about William “W

Watch Bad Santa on Paramount+ But this year, Willie’s drunken antics on the job are even alienating Marcus Unfortunately for the girls, Moodoo the Tracker (David Gulpilil) is hunting them down to prevent them from reuniting with their families Rabbit-Proof Fence loosely tells a real story from the era of the stolen generations as young sisters, Molly Craig (Everlyn Sampi) and Daisy Craig Kadibil (Tianna Sansbury), and their cousin, Gracie Fields (Laura Monaghan), are taken from their families However, Ada and Ruby face some very serious threats of their own, which forces them to rely on each other in order to survive


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Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) Becker Entertainment

The United States isn’t the only country with a history of treating its indigenous peoples horribly Soke isn’t just a bad Santa, he’s a bad person